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Push the pedal down to the floor . . .

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Bobby Fischer
Me huh?

      My online name for just about everything is muff1nm4n, so if you see the name somewhere, it's probably me. There are some people that think there's some kind of sexual thing with it because of "muff" but I assure you that there was no sexual connection to the name when I first created it back in 99 (and there still isn't). If you can't see what it says then I guess that it was never meant for you to understand it. Anyway, I'm 20, and well, lots of people in my area think that I'm "weird." I guess I might be, but what is weird . . .
      . . . and what isn't? I graduated just this past year. I develop pictures for a living (I'm not telling you where I work, so fuck off). I'm into body piercings, which I had four of (two transversals through my ears and two eyebrow-left). In the past summer, I got into a car accident which made me cut my hair and lose all my piercings. I'm currently single (for the past year), and don't currently have anyone special in my life since I hate getting hurt, so I quit looking. Other then that, I interest myself in computer graphics and other technical/geeky/nerdy things. I don't feel like writing about myself anymore so I guess I'm off for now.
    "You can't fight in here, this is the war room" - Dr. Strangelove
    "Well I'll be an unkey's moncle." - ???
    "Belong!? That is a very sexist way to be talking about these bitches." - Ali G
    "We can't stop here, this is bat country." - Raoul Duke
    "I didn't want to wake him, I was afraid that he was going to tell me his life story" - Steve-o
    "You don't need a condom for that cake" - Govinda
    "Go ahead, get wet" - Fransisco
I am the "moderator" of limabeans, thelites, and longhairfetish.
We're gonna rip his lungs out. . . . and eat them
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HoW bAd iS your L0urNal?

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